Old endowment site is one of the most attractive locations situated in the most beautiful cape in the Bay of Boka Kotorska.

On this location is situated the endowment - a ruined building registered as a cultural property. Briv Hotels envisages it as a high-class boutique hotel with a private beach and magnificent view of the Bay and unique Banja Monastery and St. George’s Church.





Ownership status

State ownership. Briv Construction is a concessionaire. A concession grants a right for construction, use and managing for 30-year period. The concession is valid to 2051. The concession covers the main site and the beaches in front of the building.

Documentation status

Obtained urban planning and technical requirement, a main reconstruction design has been developed and approved, along with a conservator’s permission.

Description of site

Size of parcel 4000m2, beach 300m long, permitted GBA 850m2, number of hotel units - 4

Planned investment

2.5 mil EUR

Commencement of construction

Possible commencement of construction from January 2021



Project details